A simple and totally adventurous take on an Asheville Elopement

This morning was absolutely perfect for an Asheville Elopement. It was a cool, crisp morning. We could really feel that North Carolina mountain air as we drove through winding roads.

We drove through little storybook towns with names like Bat Cave. Am I just a nerd or is that the coolest name for a town?! It felt like I was in a movie and the best part was yet to come.

Brandi and Matt were absolutely incredible. The love they felt for each other radiated from them like the glow of the sunrise. We took in the surroundings at Lake Lure and enjoyed the slow morning.

Sometimes that’s all you need, an affinity for adventure and the endless love you and your partner feel for each other. Elopements have the freedom of being as simple as you’d like them to be. Filled with only the most special of moments. I like to imagine eloping like writing another chapter in the story of your lives. It can be as carefree or as exciting as you want, without the stress of dealing with unruly people. Let’s face it, sometimes family is just awkward. Its totally up to you whether you want whether you want any of that drama on the day you get married.

Is a simple elopement right for you?

I feel like the trend these days is to have some fantastical elopement that is full of extravagance. While I absolutely love that idea and love being a part of elopements like that, I know there is a growing call for simple, quiet weddings. And you know what, that’s okay.

So, how do you know if a simple elopement is right for you? Start by focusing on what TRULY matters to you both.

Is it having slow, meaningful time outside together? Maybe a meandering bike ride with no real destination? Perhaps a picnic at the end of a long drive?

Picture the best day you both have had together, what did it look like? What did you do? How did you both feel at the end of that day? These are all super important questions I urge my couples to explore together when deciding on how they want to fill their day.

If any of those scenarios made your heart flutter thinking about it, chances are a slower, simpler elopement is what would fit best for you.

So how can you have a more meaningful elopement?

Just because you want to elope, simply doesn’t mean that your elopement will be dull. You can most definitely still fill your day with lovely experiences that will be memorable and hold true to your values.


Focus on intentional moments rather than extravagant experiences.

  • Pack a picnic basket full of the things you love to eat! Fill it with a bottle of champagne and a charcuterie board. Or if that’s not you, some beer and pizza is always a good option!
  • You can also have a campfire, roast smore’s and dance the night away as another idea. Imagine, cozying up in a blanket and stargazing together.
  • Lastly, if you have a hobby or a sport you both love to do together you can definitely find a way to add that into your elopement day. Think, bike rides through rolling hills, beer tasting at local breweries, or even planning a camping trip in your favorite state or national park.

Want to have your own Asheville Elopement?

The ideas truly are endless. You don’t have to be pressured to make your day about anyone else but each other. If you feel called to the wild and rugged spaces along Asheville and the Blue Ridge Mountains, don’t be afraid to make that leap.

Hello wandering soul,

Hey! I’m Daisy, a nature nerd turned elopement photographer. I help all couples find the perfect mix between adventure and romance to have the most authentic and unique elopement day ever.

Whether that’s hiking up a backcountry trail in the Northern Cascades or meandering the coast lines in Olympic National Park, or anywhere else your love story takes you, I am here to help every step of the way.

Talk soon!

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