A True Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement Experience

A Blue Ridge Parkway elopement can be such an incredible adventure. Imagine long winding roads to get to trailheads, complete with steep drops straight to the bottom. Even so, excitement will be all you feel when it comes to the Blue Ridge Mountains. Furthermore, picturesque trails allow you to see incredible views and revel in the beauty of the Blue Ridge Mountains.


Although the views are awe inspiring, they definitely aren’t easy on the queasy. So if you get carsick easily, I definitely recommend taking some motion sickness pills or wearing some essential oils before braving the winding mountain roads.

How you can have a Blue Ridge Parkway Elopement

Eloping along the Blue Ridge can be such an incredible experience. There are so many different locations and scenery to choose from that you may not know even existed in the area! From waterfalls to dense evergreen forests, the Blue Ridge Mountains have so much to offer. There are even some incredible locations that can give you that mysterious foggy, PNW vibe.

The Permit Process

Firstly, it is always best to check with local National Park offices to see what kind of permits are needed to have an elopement day in any location along the Blue Ridge. Seeking out these permits beforehand, help make sure that any areas you may be hoping for are not under any specific bans or restorations. Moreover, be sure to apply for the permit at least 30 days in advance.

Consequently, there have been some really incredible trails that have been totally trashed due to poor planning and failing to seek out proper permits. Park rangers are SUPER helpful though if you’re clear and upfront about your expectations. Many times they even give some helpful tips for the time of year you’re planning your elopement day for!

Having Family & Friends Present

Secondly, think about how many family or friends (if any) you invite. This can really help to narrow down where you can actually elope. Some beautiful spots only are a short trail off a parking lot while other’s require a much longer hike in.

Furthermore, some locations are off limits for any kind of elopements. This is usually because these spots can’t handle a lot of people. As a result, most places along the Blue Ridge Parkway will only allow a maximum of 25 people. This includes the officiant and photographer. Ultimately the Blue Ridge Mountains have no shortage of amazing locations that can truly help you achieve the experience you’re hoping for.

Consider the Seasons when planning your Blue Ridge Elopement

In addition, keep in mind the time of year you’re planning on eloping. There are many places along the Blue Ridge Parkway that are closed in the winter due to ice and snow. Having to change plans last minute because of the weather is definitely a possibility with adventurous elopements. So checking ahead of time of possible conditions can help prevent unwanted surprises! A lot of these locations can even be closed well into the spring and summer because of winter road damage.

A Quick Note on Props & Florals

So I know, boho arches are totally in right now. But keep in mind, most places along the Blue Ridge Parkway don’t allow them. These areas are really trying to prevent the degradation of the wild land. And, honestly, those trendy arches can leave a big footprint.

Additionally, dried and live flowers are a big no go as well. These flowers can carry unwanted chemicals or even pests that can wreak havoc on local wildlife.

So How Can You Fill Your Elopement Day?

Selecting an epic hike for your elopement day is not the only thing you can choose to do. REMEMBER- your day is your own, think of what makes you and your partner truly happy. Fill your day with things you actually enjoy doing together. Chances are, you can definitely incorporate them into your elopement day!


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