Planning a Mountain Wedding:

I think it goes without saying that the idea of having your very own mountain wedding is one of the most magical experiences out there. But have you ever thought of what actually goes into planning your own mountain wedding?? No worries though, in this blog post I’ll be talking about everything you need to consider when planning to get married in the mountains.

How to decide whether a Mountain Wedding is right for you

While my favorite kind of wedding and elopement takes place in the mountains, I know they aren’t for everyone. So how can you decide if it’s right for you? Think about the most important and favorite memories that you and your partner share. Where do they take place? What sights and sounds are common in them all? If you and your partner could have the ULTIMATE adventure, what kinds of things would you do?


When you do decide to get married on a mountaintop, you are deciding to let go of the traditional and choosing something new. But I think that’s what’s so special about getting married on a mountain. No two weddings will ever look the same and you’re able to allow yourself to enjoy your day every step of the way. Furthermore, you’re able to be more intentional with your choices and how you choose to celebrate your wedding day. Mountain weddings are absolutely an adventure. If you’re hoping for manicured lawns and amenities galore, getting married on a mountain is probably not for you. But if you dream of the wild and rugged experience that mountains offer, then you should definitely consider it.

Planning and Logistics for a Mountain Wedding

First things first, getting married on a mountaintop is totally romantic! But it can also be super dangerous, so taking some time to plan is key. Keeping an open mind and having a Plan B is always a good idea. The weather can be super unpredictable and it’s not uncommon for roads to shut down completely due to wildfires or even snow.

Because of this, it’s a great idea to get in contact with local park rangers. They have so much information to offer and can be super helpful! I’ve gotten to know a lot of my local park rangers because of this and are my go to resource for road and trail conditions, and more.

Next, it’s important to think about how many people you want to have with you on your wedding day. A lot of National Parks and their respective trails are often way too narrow and fragile to accommodate large groups. Many of these parks don’t have the infrastructure needed to have large groups either. In order to help with this, they have permits in place that you need to apply for beforehand. They’re not typically hard to secure, unless you’re hoping to get married in a super popular place like Yosemite, Glacier, Joshua Tree, or even the Grand Tetons. Getting in touch with a knowledgeable photographer in the area can help you navigate this process though!

How to Include your Loved Ones:

So by now, you may be sold on having a mountain wedding but wondering how to include your loved ones. While having larger groups at your mountain elopement can be tricky, you can still have some people present! It’ll ultimately depend on where you decide to elope to, but it’s a pretty safe bet to plan on no more than 10 people in most places.

So how you can involve them in your wedding day if they can’t be there? Here are a few ideas to help you get started. (Plus, you can check out this blog for more in depth info on including your loved ones in your elopement.) >>> here

  • Include them in your planning process
  • Have them write letters to you for you to read throughout the day
  • Have a small “We Eloped” party after your ceremony
  • Wear or bring a momento that’s important to you from your loved one
  • Add their favorite colors to ribbons on your bouquet and other florals
  • After getting your photos back, have a viewing party for everyone to experience that day with you

Things you can do on your elopement day...

This is such a loaded topic! I mean, the possibilities are truly endless. You really are free to imagine and dream up the MOST epic day you want to experience. First, I think it’s important to spend a day brainstorming your expectations for your wedding day with your partner. This could be such a fun time too! Make a date night out of it and come together to find out what you both want to do. You may be surprised at each other’s responses and come up with an elopement day that is totally different than what you thought it would be. Here are some wedding day activities that are some of my favorite:

  • Hiking
  • Off Roading in a 4×4 vehicle
  • Go on a Helicopter Ride
  • Fishing
  • Mountain Biking
  • Snowshoeing

Best Type of Wedding Attire for a Mountain Wedding

First of all, there are no hard and fast rules on what you should or shouldn’t wear on your elopement day. Wear what makes you and your partner happy. Heck, you don’t even have to wear white! My only real suggestions are to wear something that is comfortable and allows for movement and layering. You’ll want these layers if choosing to get married during the fall and winter seasons. You don’t want to wear anything too heavy or constricting when getting married in a wild place like a mountain.

Your shoes are also something important to consider. Plan for comfort, as well as style–and break them in BEFORE your wedding day. You don’t want to have to walk around in ill-fitting or tight shoes. No one likes blisters!

If you’re wearing a dress on your wedding day, choose one that is lightweight and flowy. It’ll be absolutely beautiful in pictures when it catches the wind just right!

You've decided on having your own mountain wedding, now what??

If you’ve made it this far, you’re probably really considering having the wedding of your dreams atop a mountain. So what should you do next? This is the perfect time to think back on adventures you’ve already had in the mountains and how that could translate into your elopement day. It would also be a good idea to start dropping hints to family and friends that this is the way you want to celebrate your wedding day and the importance it holds to both you and your partner.

Lastly, you can also begin to look into the season you may want to elope in and even where you may want to elope. Having these things in mind can really help when looking into the rules and permits you need to get married in such locations. Most importantly though, don’t sweat the little things. As long as you focus on creating a day that is true to you and your partner, it’ll be the most magical day ever.

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