Exploring Georgia's Little Grand Canyon


It was an absolutely incredible day for an Elopement at Providence Canyon State Park. The drive to the Canyon was full of quaint old towns. If only those buildings could talk- imagine the history they’ve seen. You see, Providence Canyon is not near any major cities. It is definitely in a rural area, with not much development for miles. I think that’s what I loved most about the area. It truly sets the scene for an absolutely incredible elopement experience. You’re able to drive for long stretches of road with some good music on and really get the most out of your trip.

It was a crisp afternoon when we arrived. The sun was shining and there were definitely a lot of families walking the trail. People of all ages were out enjoying such an incredible terrain in Georgia. I have some ideas on how you can avoid the crowds below on your elopement day, below.

Remember even if you’re just visiting for a day trip (and maybe not eloping–yet), it would be a great idea to pack some snacks and water. The last thing you want is to get to the Canyon and be ready to go hike and realize you’re not prepared. Having to make a long drive back to stock up on supplies is definitely not fun.

Tips for Your Providence Canyon State Park Elopement

There are so many ways you can make your elopement at Providence Canyon State Park a totally unique experience. First and foremost, it’s one of the area’s most incredible locations. Because of this, it does attract it’s fair share of traffic!

The hike down to the Canyon floor is definitely steep and winding. However, it’s not too long and there are multiple trails once you reach the bottom. They vary in length– from 2 miles all the way up to a back country trail that is about 6 miles long. It is definitely a nice and easy hike and perfect for novice hikers that still crave adventure on their elopement day. In my opinion, the most incredible views come directly from the overlooks.

Overnight camping is permitted at Providence Canyon. However, you must apply for the backcountry permit in advance. There are 6 backcountry spots and 3 Pioneer spots available to reserve. These spots definitely do fill up, so reserving your site ahead of time is a must.

Imagine eloping on the Canyon floor, being able to stay long after the crowds have departed and sleeping under the stars! If camping out on your elopement day isn’t your cup of tea though, eloping during the week is usually a pretty safe way to avoid the crowds.

What kind of footwear do I need?

Now it goes without saying that just because Providence Canyon gives off some major desert vibes, it’s ANYTHING but dry. More often than not, you can bet the Canyon floor will be wet and muddy. Don’t be afraid to embrace it though, just think ahead of time about what your hope for your elopement day is. Eloping at Providence Canyon is definitely an adventure for those who don’t mind getting a little dirty!

Wearing waterproof hiking boots is an excellent way to be sure that your feet stay dry and comfortable all day long. Also wearing darker trousers is a way to camouflage some of that vibrant red clay, though I absolutely LOVE the story it tells in your pictures!

Lastly, you can totally ditch the traditional wedding dress and wear a bold and colorful dress! Blues and greens would be such a compliment to the red and burnt orange background. But at the end of the day, be authentically you and wear what feels just… right.

What kinds of things are there to do around Providence Canyon State Park?

There are definitely some exciting things to do to fill your elopement experience to the max! Columbus, Georgia is under an hour away and has local breweries to tour and some trendy BNB’s to make your stay super comfortable. For those truly adventurous, there is even a local URBAN white water rafting company that offers tours! This is a manmade white water rafting area but it is absolutely a must see while in the area. It ranges from a “lazy river” to relax on, all the way to a Class V rapid. You can even zipline across the Chattahoochee River!

If you’re into museums, Columbus has many different museums to check out ranging from the space science museum to museums dedicated to the diverse Georgia environment and even military artifacts. I love that there is even an Opera House and Symphony Orchestra in the area you can check out. There really is something for everyone.

Lastly, Georgia has so much to offer in terms of mountains, waterfalls and even beautiful beaches. Imagine working your way through the state and exploring all it has to offer! There are so many wonderfully diverse areas of the state that are often overlooked but could really make your elopement experience so much more memorable.

How To prepare for your Providence Canyon State Park Elopement

Obtaining a permit ahead of time is a must, but don’t let the idea of permits scare you! Permits for Providence Canyon are very easy to obtain and ensure you have the best experience possible on your elopement day. The park rangers and staff are incredibly friendly and are always willing to help with any questions. If it still seems overwhelming to you, don’t worry, I offer unlimited planning assistance to make your day as simple and carefree as possible.

So at this point, I feel like it’s totally fair to say I LOVE the idea of eloping at the hidden gem that is Providence Canyon. It’s rustic and secluded but has amazing amenities and experiences nearby as well. If you’re on the fence about eloping here or are as intrigued with the area as I am, click that button below and I’ll be in touch soon.

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