Thank you for reaching out!

Hey, I'm Daisy! Let me congratulate you for taking the 1st step towards having your epic elopement day. It means so much that you would consider trusting me with the honor of being a part of your elopement.

Alright, so how this works is...I'll get your inquiry in my inbox, I'll look it over and reply within a day or two. I know how exciting this can be so I DON’T like to keep you waiting. So be sure to check your email and make sure I didn't get sent to the spam or junk box.

From there, I'll email you with some elopement package pricing, specific to your needs and a link to schedule a phone call with me. Don't worry, there is absolutely NO pressure to book or cost to you at all. I just like to get my potential couple's on the phone to talk about your needs and hopes for your elopement.

Trust me, it sounds more scary than it actually is! Plus, I feel like it's super important for you to connect with me as not only a photographer, but as a person too. I mean, your elopement day is so special and you deserve to have someone that you connect with to help you tell your story.

So that's it, just hang tight and I'll talk to you soon!

In the meantime...

Feel free to check out some of my blog posts for some more elopement inspiration.

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